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The Red Cardinal is a remarkable bird from the northeastern United States:


With its flamboyant red plumage and a rocker-like crest, asserting itself with a powerful song, it seems to suggest to us that the best strategy is not to seek to camouflage oneself but to fully embrace who we are and make our uniqueness an asset.

In our eyes, it embodies the courage to break free from conformity, to set aside our insecurities, and to intentionally and authentically develop the talents that are specific to us.


It represents our promise at Red Cardinal: to support talents and teams in better understanding and embracing themselves in order to thrive within the collective (leadership) for a more aligned and powerful collaboration.

OUR APPROACH: we observe, we listen and we move forward together

Red Cardinal offers a unique approach combining coaching, mentoring and training.

Our experience allows us to adapt to each client to offer them a tailor-made approach that specifically addresses their issues. 

The Red Cardinal team bases its work on these values:

  • strengths-based coaching: We start from the principle that each person has within them the capacity to meet the challenges they face.

  • In a holistic approach: we systematically keep professional and personal alignment in sight.

  • Giving priority to reality: what happens here and now for the accompanied person, to make their experience an opportunity to learn and evolve.

  • Aiming for transformation: we coach for lasting changes and develop the capacity of the client to continue to evolve independently long after the coaching has ended.

The team

All Red Cardinal Coaches 

  • are ACC certified by the International Coaching Federation

  • are certified for one or more complementary tools (DISC, EQ-I, Korn Ferry 360).

  • have significant business experience (more than 10 years and including management),

  • are parents of one or more children

  • have lived and worked in several countries and can coach in English.

Finally, they share the same approach, above all centered on listening and service.

Colombe Saint-Pere

IMG_1237 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

The power of coaching lies in the powerful relationship between the coach and his client. I see my role as that of the sculptor who, examining a raw piece, helps to bring out the work of art contained therein. Thus, it is not so much a question of adding or increasing, as of lightening (beliefs, fears, blockages) to release energy and talents. 

I was lucky enough to get trained by the Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC certification), and I am very influenced by the American strenghts-based approach. I work with appreciative inquiry, polarities, Internal Family System (systemic approach of parts), Immunity to change (development of the ability to change)  and Positive Intelligence (self-talk management).  I am certified for DISC and the Leadership circle profile.

As a Certified Professional Coach (ACC), I bring you the tools and techniques to help you identify the skills and strategies you need to develop your leadership style.  I also bring 12 years of marketing consulting and management experience; and my experience as an active parent of three children.

Initially trained at HEC Paris Business school, I live in Boston and will coach you in French or in English.

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Constance Deon


 As a Certified Professional Coach (ACC), I help managers and their teams to reconcile well-being, performance and self-realization through the development of their emotional intelligence.

I was trained by Activision Coaching Institute and  I am certified for EQ-I 2.0 / EQ360 (emotional intelligence).  One of my favorite tools is non-violent communication. 

I also bring 13 years of experience at Lactalis-Nestlé and Danone, in France and in the USA; and my experience as an active parent of three children.

Initially trained at Neoma Business school, I live in Bordeaux, and will coach you in French or in English.

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Tell us about yourself and your challenges

If you want to know more about our offers, make an appointment, obtain customer references, a quote or a personalized service offer: please contact. us ! We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible. 

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