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EXPAT program - Build a happy and fulfilling life abroad

Moving to a new country can be challenging, pushing you to redefine your identity as a professional, a parent, a friend, and a partner. It’s easy to get lost or trapped in a life that doesn’t suit you.

Yes, it is also incredibly liberating. It’s an opportunity for immense personal growth, reinventing who you want to be and what you want to do.

We will help you navigate this transition, clarify your purpose and your intention for your new life, and start taking the steps to intentionally design your thriving expat life.

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From emotional roller coaster (grief, anger and excitement!) to embracing your new life fully - A focus on transition patterns to help you design the life you want and adopt the mindset you need.

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From uncertainty and awkward moments to happy discoveries and new habits - A focus on cultural differences and how you can extend who you are and have the best of both worlds.

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From having to support your whole family to being supported - care and concern for YOU + Fun along the way!

Expat customer testimonials

I began this coaching 4 months after settling in the USA.  I had resigned from my job in France following my husband's relocation to the USA, we were looking for a new balance as a family, and professionally, I was eager to try new things without having an exact idea of what was coming next for me.

This coaching anchored me during my first year in a very positive way: it helped me define goals within my reach. Meeting the coach on a regular basis helps moving forward.  This regularity and also Colombe's empathic listening helped me increase my confidence in my ability to find solutions and see the positive side of every leap I took.

I allowed myself to be who I wanted to be and I found back a new personal and professional balance rather quickly. 9 months after arriving in the USA, I had written a book and found a new job.

I can only advise you to register for this self-exploration with her. It would be useful at any point in your life, and it especially is when you're going through such a huge transition as an expatriation.

LP, expatriate, Brown University professor, author

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