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Leadership program for working parents

Join a collective empowerment experience with a group of peers. Expand helps working parents feel proud and in control of their professional life.

EXPAND is a leadership development program specially designed for working parents. 

No guilt, less stress, more grit and results to live the life and career you want.

Customer testimonials

The Red Cardinal team has set up a coaching course for several of our employees. The contact immediately went very well, the relationship was very professional and we quickly noticed real positive changes in our employees."
Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 9.31.56 AM.png

 Charles Miglietti, CEO TOUCAN TOCO

It's frequent to become a parent and a first-time manager simultaneously.  These two major transitions can be difficult, but they are also tremendous opportunities to develop power and alignment when well supported.


Expand is a leadership development program dedicated to helping working parents find their style and ultimately lead the professional and personal life they want.


  • A unique, friendly, and transformative six months experience (~4h/month)

  • With a "pod" of peers (from 5 to 7 people)

  • 6 individual coaching sessions with a certified coach

  • 6 collective thematic sessions (2-hours workshops) 

  • A DISC® profile and 360 Feedback

  • 100% Online

Would you like to know more, receive our brochure or make an appointment for a sample session?

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