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We support and facilitate the deployment of your talents 

Our goal is to help you grow your career by staying true to who you are.

When we hear you say that you have found and fully taken your place, we know that our relationship has been fruitful!

We offer several support options:

- Individual coaching, based on a powerful relationship between you and your coach. It can start throughout the year 

-The EXPAND program, combining individual coaching and collective workshops.  6 months for you to live a unique empowerment experience. Next start in January 2023.

For each of these formulas, we guarantee you a benevolent, confidential, and stimulating environment,  unconditional support, and the dose of challenge you need to achieve your goals!

Our programs 

Leadership for working parents

Develop your professional impact while leaving room for your life as a parent 

Transition with purpose

Find your identity and your purpose abroad

Tailor-made coaching

Grow your career while staying true to yourself

Would you like to know more, receive a quote or make an appointment for a sample session?

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